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Airport Design and Operations

Airport planning and design in line with ICAO Annex 14 from scratch to authority approval of the build up infrastructure including: 

Assessment of planned location of airport or heliport with preliminary expert opinion and technical design solutions 

Draw up of airport engineering blueprint and implementation 

Preparation of Aerodrome Operations Manual including Organization Management Manual according to local specifications, 

Establishment of aviation security plan, 

Airspace planning and design, 

Noise and Environmental protection at aerodromes including the establishment of noise abatement procedures in line with local operations, 

Training of operational personnel in the field of aviation law, operational procedures, aviation safety and security and compliance and radio phraseology, 

Expert assistance in preparation of authority assessment according to Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 139/2014 on requirements and administrative procedures related to aerodromes <EASA Part ADR>, 

Internal and external safety and compliance audit of airport operations. 

Air Operations

We provide administrative and legal support to organizations carrying out air operations falling under the effect of (but not exclusively) Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 laying down technical requirements and administrative procedures related to air operations such as: 

setting up Operations Manuals and Organization Management Manuals, 

operating of safety and compliance systems as a contracted party, 

external audit of compliance and safety monitoring systems, 

Assistance for Approved Training Organizations falling under (but no exclusively) EASA Part FCL and Part ORA regulations in the compliance and safety management, 

Assistance for organizations carrying out specialized operations (Part SPO) such as parachute and agricultural flight activity. 

Safety and Compliance

The most important indicator of today’s aviation besides economy and efficiency is safety. In this respect our company is committed in the improvement of aviation safety in line with ICAO, EASA and EUROCONTROL recommendations throughout all our projects with our partners. 

Our aviation safety experts are ready to assist in the creation and implementation of aviation safety systems and their operation with organization specific risk assessment matrixes. In order to prepare an organization for upcoming authority audit we are ready to carry our contracted internal or external audit of your organization. 

In the field of compliance we are ready to help your organization with the implementation of compliance monitoring system designed for the specifics of the organization. Beyond the implementation phase similarly to our safety services we can conduct internal or external regulatory compliance audits.

Unmanned Aircraft Operations

Since we consider the domain of unmanned aviation systems or drones as the next frontier of aviation we have shifted our attention in the recent years to this filed especially the safety and regulatory aspects of the integration of these technologies to general aviation. We work together with a variety of drone operators ranging from sports and hobbyist through smaller companies of drone photography to international commercial operators.  

As in Europe there is no common regulation in place yet we provide our partners country specific regulatory requirements to enable their legitimate operation.